About Us

Do you love knowing cool tricks? are you always on an urge to become an omniscient about TECHNOLOGY? Do you love playing your gadgets in a cooler way? If so then “YOU” are “US”.

Yes, we are a bunch of GEEKS with Myself Abishiekh Jain Leading the CREW. We are a team who strive hard and try all possible way to bring you the coolest HACKS (TRICKS) of all time and we make sure our stint on extensive research brings you only “THE BEST”.


who is abishiekh jain

He is The boy behind “HACKERS DEN” A boy who didn’t know any stuff ..he didn’t even know how to download apps from play store, don’t know how to use FB  and didn’t know anything about the online market.Well, yeah it’s me,Abishiekh  Jain.



I WAS IN 6TH Standard and didn’t know anything about online markets. But one day I came to hear a word from my enemy and that was HACKING.( Read The Whole incidnet Happened here) Well yeah! but he didn’t know even “H” about it and today he is asking me to  teach him! Hah.So I was delighted by the word., but the same time I had no resources from where I can learn. Then one fine day my sister just thought me how to create an E-MAIL ID  and taught me how to browse and then due to my curiosity, spent  5-6 hrs in front of the computer daily  reading articles from the various online sources! It took me 2 years to achieve what I wanted still more to come! So I learned till  8th standard but no one in school knew who I am!

One fine day I informed a page on facebook  with respect to work along with them,they put forth a couple of inquiries and acknowledged me as an editor! I served their page and site for around a year and got a decent acknowledgment! What’s more, remarks on me! so I thought  it was an awesome begin (I think). Subsequent to being as an editor for one and half years for them! I believed that I have learned practically thing


So I began my own particular page Hackers Den On May 10 2014with 0 likes and followers! I started posting some cool stuff about online market and much more! I started a blog with a free domain as I didn’t have a penny to buy one!( I do had, money, but I cannot buy,my parents thought this was useless) It was welcometoworldofhackers.tk  the blog looked dirty actually,( I don’t have a snap of it)  but then too I started posting very cool stuff and I was stunned I got quick results! I got 1k site visits every day around then! Time passed and Hackers Den page got  a very good recognition! With 10k+fb page likes and 5k+ visitors on the  website.I Thought of moving to a custom domain. So I took hackersdenabi.net from domain registrar  big rock!Got many appreciations for this and many wanted to join it !Currently, Hackers Den Page has 5+ Highly Skilled Editors who contribute their efforts! I still remember when I was all alone and it got his recognition day by day! I had numerous traitors who discarded me in every conceivable way yet I continued running without breaking a sweat! Today numerous individuals regard me and even loathe me! Yet, I accomplished what I needed.  I wanted to do this because I wanted to make India a technology  hub! So I started posting stuff to people for free!


So you saw guys HACKERS DEN was started with the help of my enemy Much Thanks To Him!


HACKERS DEN  was officially announced on May 10, 2014 for the people who are same as us. Since then we have become PROFESSIONALISTS with your support .


Aim Of Hackers Den 

We at HACKERS DEN believe that TECHNOLOGY will be the only walkthrough of the future (perhaps we started witnessing it at present ) Though This Website and page of HACKERS DEN  we ensure that none of our supporters are disappointed by our posts or tricks.