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Empty OR invisible facebook account name trick 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!just follow simple step 

This trick is working for Mozilla Firefox so try it on Mozilla.

step-1 firstaly open ur mozilla firefox and then go to 

option>>>>advanced>>>network>>>click on setting>>now click on manual proxy configuration


Change your Browser Proxy Manually use one of the proxy from below given

HTTP Proxy :-

PORT :- 8080

step-3 Then Save Your Settings.

Now Open your Facebook Account Name Settings.

Change your language from English (us) to Bahasa Indonesia

3- Change your first and last name to -> kﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞk (copy and paste)

Remove “k” letters . [just using delete and home key]

then enter ur password on given box then save your name

step-7 now Change your name again to -> kﱞﱞﱞk (copy and paste)

NOTE :- dont use or copy and paste upper code or step-6

NOW Remove “k” letters . [just using delete and home key]


After Completing all steps remove Manual Proxy and select use system proxy settings and change change your language back to English (us)

Important Note:- Firstly Open your Facebook account settings then change proxy because sometime after changing proxy their will be error in log in account

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