Our Authors

There are various people who contribute to Hackers Den, including his founder Abishiekh Jain.

So here a list of our authors who love to contribute

Abishiekh Jain 

Abishiekh Jain is a 16-year-old programmer, blogger born and brought up in Chennai.The Boy Behind the formation of Hackers Den.Loves to write about tips and tricks.Got a numerous achievements by numerous individuals.He is currently managing Hackers Den and working on other projects too.

Ravindra Solanki

Ravindra Solanki is a computer science student, passionate to learn and explore new things about  computers and technology, currently pursuing his final year of college.He loves to write about programming and love to play with Oracle Database & its queries.he likes to experiment new technology stuff, and once successful like to share his knowledge with others.

Aayush Gupta

Aayush Gupta is Hack Master in Android and knows to bend Android every bit . Also having an interest in sharing tips and tricks, blogging and ethical hacking too.

Jugal Soni

Jugal is a network security engineer at HP. He is Master in networking. He is CCNP certified. He Also knows ethical hacking. He knows on various hacking technology like DDoS, SQL injection, rainbow attack, android tricks. He is Eager to learn more and more computing technology day by day.

If you want to join Hackers Den and get your name listed here then mail to abishiekh75@gmail.com or hackersdenabi@gmail.com