How to Monitor Kids Smartphone

Nowadays, there is no preventing a kid from developing up without the effect of tech gadgets, online content, and the internet in overall. Being a parent is before now hard enough tasks, but shying away from the matter or totally shutting out technology from your kid’s lives is not about to help. There are many […]

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Artificial Intelligence [Part 1]

What is Artificial Intelligence:- Branch of computer science which is concerned with making computers behave like a human. As a human associate with other human minds for “learning,” “problem-solving,” we want machines to mimic these cognitive functions too. In 1956 artificial intelligence field was founded by John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, Arthur Samuel and […]

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How to Lock and Unlock your PC with USB drive.

Have you ever seen any detective movie? Oh what a dumb question, obviously you have seen them 🙂 Then you must have seen that hero locks and unlocks his computer with his/her USB drive or Pendrive, and this is cool isn’t it? Have you ever thought that you can also lock and unload your PC […]

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Technology

The technology of now days is an ultimate answer for all the problems related to all the issues, and it can be used anywhere as well. The best part about the technology is if you cannot find the right solution you can easily get it developed and customized according to your needs and requirements. Many […]

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Deep/Dark Web Explained!

Hey Guys, am back with an excellent post titled “The Complete Guide to Dark Web.” In this post, I will cover What is Deep Web and The Dark Web?, History of Deep Web, Is it safe to use Deep Web? How to access Deep Web, Why we can’t access Deep Web using regular search engines, even […]

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YouTube Tricks

Hey guys, am back with the new post on YouTube Tricks. YouTube is one of the best video streaming sites on the internet. It is so user-friendly and is packed up with tons of features and so seamless. We use YouTube for almost everything, let it be music, movie trailers or even movies. Our first […]

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