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Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2 Trail Hack

Hello friends now Im going to show you making the trail period of Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.2 again 14 days. If you are a creative person, you won’t be satisfied with others’ creative work and you’ll want to do your own. Nokia company has taken care about creative persons and released the phones’ platform […]

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How to add Xex Menu to your Jtag.

You can add it to your jtag using an Usb, Transfer Cable or DVD. For USB – 1. Make sure your USB is formatted on your xbox (Go to system setting, memory and select your usb and it will prompt you to format). Make sure the USB has no data on it as it will be […]

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Freestyle Dash

Freestyle dash is a custom dashboard thats used on jtags. It can do multiple things such change the speed of the fans, shows you the temperature of the cpu , customise the colour of the led’s in the xbox and also allows easier access to emulators, homebrew and xbl arcade games through the dash menu […]

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KGB Archiver: Compress 1GB File to 10MB

KGB Archiver is free and open source software which compresses 1GB file to 10MB file. Data compression utility of this software is based on PAQ6 algorithm which has AES-256 powerful encryption. KGB archiver works on both Windows and Linux operating system. Compression ratio of this software is very high. Due to high compression levels, time […]

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Make your computer talk what you type !

This is very good and interesting javascript trick which let your computer speaks whatever you type. There is no requirement of any software. Just follow below simple steps. *.First openNotepadand copy below codes Dim message, sapi message=InputBox(“What do you want me to say?”,”COOL HACKING TRICKS”) Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”) sapi.Speak message *.Now save the notepad file astalk.vbs […]

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