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Hello Guys, today I am going to share a trick about  how to lock someone’s facebook account !Yes you read right you can  block anyone’s facebook account . Are you excited to lock friend’s or enemy’s facebook profile? then you are at right place! In this article I’m sharing a secret trick with you guys […]

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How To Make a USB Password Stealer

 In this article I will explain you on how to make a USB password stealer and steal saved passwords.  Now be  ready to create your own USB password stealer.  Before going to start  download  following tools :-  ChromePass:-ChromePass is a small password recovery tool for Windows that allows you to view    the user names […]

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77 Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail to Save Your Time!

Gmail is the most popular, advanced, user-friendly and well-featured email server that is used by a huge amount of people. Luckily, Gmail also offers a series of keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail to move through the Gmail from the keyboard. By default the Gmail keyboard shortcuts are disabled. Before starting, make sure you have enabled the […]

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Diference between pre Increment and post increment (i++ vs ++i)

Common interview question that  confuses many  Programmer  is “what is difernce b/w pre and post increment operator( i++ and ++i )”, And 70% programmers failed to  speak correct answer. In this tutorial i will teach you all  concept about increment/decrement operator.  The increment operator increases its operand by one.The decrement operator decreases its operand by one.for example  this […]

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How to Crash Whatsapp New Trick Updated !!!

Do you want to crash your friends WhatsApp just for fun ? If yes , continue reading , you are in for a treat. If no , still read its fun! Its Christmas and surprises are always around the corner , this is the surprise that i got. An amazing opportunity to give that gift […]

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How To Restrict Children From Watching Porn Online

Dear friends, now a days many of us have computers at our homes. Moreover we have internet connection too. Our children are also using this internet to play games or for other entertainment purpose…We may love our children. But we should not trust our children regarding sex issues. They may open porn web sites in our […]

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