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5 Whatsapp Pranks You Can Play on Your Friend.

I don’t think I would need to describe WhatsApp – the largest messaging app. And if you are reading this then the chances are that more than 90% (if not 100%) of your friends are using it.

So why not have some fun? Today we are glad to present before you a list of 5 Whatsapp pranks you can try out on your friends. I bet my hat that you can befool your friends using these pranks and then enjoy their facial expressions afterwards.

Warning- All these tricks are given here for information purpose. We recommend you to use them under certain restrictions.

5. Change your friend’s WhatsApp profile picture

These days, most people are more serious about their WhatsApp profile pictures than their career and other life decisions.(Kidding!) So why not give them a little shock by changing their profile picture?

However, you should note that you won’t be able to change your friend’s profile picture in real, rather than you will only be able to make your friend think that his DP has been modified. (by showing that it’s changed on your phone)

Just follow the following steps to do so-

* Find a good weird picture to shock your friend (Tip- use any of your friend’s ugly selfies, works like a charm)
* Resize the image to be of 561 x 561 pixels. You can even use the cute little monkey below (it’s the appropriate dimensions):

* Now go to File Manager> Phone Memory> Whatsapp> Profile Picture. Find your friend’s profile picture there and move it to any different location.
* Copy the name of the picture you just moved and rename your prank image and give it the same name.
* Now move the prank image into the same profile pictures folder.

You’re done. Now when you open your WhatsApp, you’ll notice your friend’s profile picture has been changed. You can now show it to your friend and enjoy their panic face.

whatsapp dp

Do not turn on data connection otherwise, the profile picture will be updated automatically.

Visit this link to get some cool attitude status in Hindi

4. Create fake WhatsApp conversation

fake whatsapp conversation

Since the era of smartphones has taken over, taking and sharing a screenshot has become a regular activity. Instead of typing down the long conversation to tell your best friend what others said, you can just take a screenshot and send it over.

However, you should not trust everything others send you. Because creating fake screenshots are as easy as taking an original one.
For creating a fake screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation just go to prankwhats.com and follow their simple instructions to make your fake conversation.

The best use of it? Create a fake conversation between you and your friend’s crush and send it to him to have some fun.
Warning- You might lose some of your teeth in this process.

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3. Hide images inside other images

We all have seen those images which look different in the conversations mode but become entirely different when you click on them.

Ever wondered how to make such pictures? Well, we got the answer for you. Just install Magiapp for Android or Fhumb app for IOS  and use them to create such images and fool your friends.

2. Send “prank” WhatsApp messages

prank whatsapp messages

One of the lesser-known WhatsApp tricks is to send prank messages to your friends. You can send them a prank message from any number you like. Cool isn’t it?

But for using this trick, you’ll first need your friend’s unique id. You can find it by going into Settings> About device >Status.

Once you have the id number go to this website Prank Whats and fill in all details to send a prank WhatsApp message to your friend.

However, you should be very careful while using this trick because it can cause serious problems if not used with caution.

1. Spy on your friend’s WhatsApp

 Spying on others whatsapp message

The final trick is just for information, and you are not advised to use it in any conditions.

Spying on other people’s WhatsApp conversations has always been the dream of every prankster. It means you will know even the deepest secrets of their lives.

People with a girlfriend/boyfriend are always looking for a way to spy on their loved one’s WhatsApp messages; now some Web developers have made an excellent app named SpyMaster pro to fulfill your wish.

You can download this app from HERE. Once you get the app you’ll need to install in on the person’s mobile you want to spy on, and you’ll get each one of their WhatsApp messages.

Once you know their chats, you can surprise others by opening some of their secrets to them.

However the app is not free, and you’ll need to pay for it before using. We’ll again like to remind you that doing this without the owner’s information is illegal, and we do not encourage you to use any such app.

Take a free trial and access your Windows Applications as you go with a hosted windows desktop from CloudDesktopOnline.com. If you need more cloud based software, check out Apps4Rent.com

Wrap up

So, these were the best WhatsApp pranks we could find. Which one of these do you find the funniest? Do let us know in the comments section.

The article mentioned above is a guest article written by Adarsh 

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Abishiekh Jain is a 16-year-old programmer and blogger born and brought up in Chennai. He is the founder of Hackers Den 🙂
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