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YouTube Tricks

Hey guys, am back with the new post on YouTube Tricks.
YouTube is one of the best video streaming sites on the internet. It is so user-friendly and is packed up with tons of features and so seamless. We use YouTube for almost everything, let it be music, movie trailers or even movies. Our first preference is YouTube.

YouTube -: Facts and Figures

So before starting the article let me cover up some YouTube facts and numbers. I doubt that no person on this planet is unaware of YouTube.

YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim on 14th February 2005


  • More than 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute. Yeah in just one minute.DAMN.
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.
  • 80% Of the views on YouTube are from outside of U.S.
  • The first YouTube video was uploaded on 23rd April 2005
  • 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube making it the third most visited website in the world
  • The average number of mobile views per day on YouTube is 1,000,000,000, and the average session lasts more than 40 minutes
  • Male users are about 62%, and female users are about 38%
  • User Percentage by Age 18-24 – 11%, 25-34 – 23%, 35-44 – 26%, 45-54 – 16%, 50-64 – 8%, 65+ – 3%, unknown age – 14%.


A few Financial things-:

  • The Annual cost of running and maintaining YouTube is $6,350,000,000.
  • Google generates about $4,000,000,000 every year from YouTube
  • Google’s 6% of ad sales revenue is from YouTube
  • Since 2007 YouTube has paid $1,250,000,000 to rights holders.
  • Google bought YouTube in $1,65 billion in November of 2006.
  • PewDiePie is the highest paid YouTube partner with his annual income reaching $12 million for 2015.

Download OG YouTube from here – : OG youtube download

How to find out what track is playing in the video?

You are watching a video, and you listen to a mind blowing track, and want to download that track but don’t know the name of it 🙁 painful
But don’t worry you can find the name of track being played in the video
All you have to do is just visit the website Mooma.sh
Copy Paste your YouTube Url of the video and done
You will get the list of tracks there in the video!
I bet many didn’t know about this!


Search these things to make YouTube More Fun-:

Use The Force Luke

Go to YouTube
Type “use the force luke“(without quotes)
Your YouTube screen will be fizzy and act like as if it is drunk!

use the force luke

Harlem Shake

Go to YouTube
Type “do the Harlem shake“(without quotes)
A song of Harlem Shake Would be played in Background
Cool, isn’t it ?

harlem shake

Doge Meme

Go to YouTube
Type “doge meme“(without quotes)
Your YouTube black and white text will be changed to color one
just like this!

doge meme
Awesome isn’t it?

Keyboard shortcuts

Just master those keyboard shortcuts and use YouTube like a pro
If you want to pause the video just press K or Spacebar
If you want to rewind the video by five seconds press the Left Arrow Key
If you want to rewind the video by ten seconds press J or Ctrl+ Left Arrow Key
If you want to forward the video by five seconds press the Right Arrow Key
If you want to forward the video by ten seconds press l or Ctrl+Right Arrow
If you want to restart the video press 0 (zero)
If you want to go to Full Screen Mode, press F
If you want to exit Full Screen Mode, press the Esc Button
If you want to increase the volume by 5% press the UP arrow
If you want to decrease the volume by 5% press the DOWN arrow
If you want to mute,/unmute the video, press M
If you want to go to the beginning of the video press Home button
If you want to go to the end of the video press End button
If you want to move one frame forward press (.) (period)
If you want to move one frame backward press (,) (comma)
If you want to increase the speed press Shift+>
If you want to decrease the speed press Shift+<

Use YouTube without a Mouse-:

You can also use YouTube without the help of your mouse, all you have to do is just go to YouTube~Lean Back and operate everything only with your keyboard
So just go and use this and amaze your friends



How To Download YouTube Videos -: 

You can also download YouTube videos in a very easy way
All you have to do is just go to your favorite video which you want to download and type in ss in front of it, for example,
I want to download Eminem’s Rap God
So here is the link of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbGs_qK2PQA
All I have to do is just add ss in before youtube.com, after doing it so the URL will look like this https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=XbGs_qK2PQA
It will redirect you to a page something like this,

youtube video downloader

and you can choose the quality of the video and click on the download button. Done the video is downloaded

youtube video downloader

Download Tubemate for windows

How To Make Gifs Of YouTube Videos-:

You can also make GIFS of YouTube videos
All you have to do is just go to your favorite video which you want to download and type in GIF in front of it, just same like you did to download videos,but now instead of ss type GIF
It will redirect you to a page where you can write the caption, choose effects and loads more

gif for youtube videos


YouTube’s TestTube

If you go to the Test Tube, this will allow you test the upcoming YouTube features, and you will be updated with the new features of YouTube before anyone else does
So you can go to your friends and just say you work for YouTube and just tell them that this feature will come in YouTube soon, your friends will be amazed :p

youtube test tube

How to get the link to the video from current time-:

Just select your desired time, pause it.
Right Click on the video, and you will get the option Copy Video Url at Current Time.

url of the video from the current time

url from current timeurl from current timeurl from current time
Click it, and the link will be copied to your clipboard
Whenever you or anyone opens the link, it will be started from that particular time

YouTube For NERDS-:

Are you a nerd? Want to know stream host, mime type, CPN, etc (NERDS will understand better, if you ain’t a nerd stay away from this :p )
Right Click on the video, and you will get the option Stats For Nerds
Click it, and you will get a screen displaying all those stats of that video!

youtube for nerds
Good Day for Nerds :p

How to turn a YouTube video into a Mp3-:

Just go to Peggo
Paste the URL of the video you want the Mp3 of
and just click on Record Mp3 and the Mp3 would be automatically downloaded


Cool InVideo Hacks-:

How to change the color of subtitles while watching a video?

Just enable Captions while watching the video and press the letter B to choose the color for subtitles

Epilepsy Warning-:

Type awesome when the video is paused and look at the video bar


How to watch 18+ Videos on YouTube without signing in-:

Many people are still unaware about this trick, YES you can watch 18+ videos on YouTube without signing in and its pretty easy

For example take any YouTube video like youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxx

all you have to is just add a v/ before watch

your final URL will be  youtube.com/v/watch?v=xxxxxxxx

And you would be able to watch 18+ videos on YouTube


How to look at a YouTube video in floating mode-:

You want to watch a YouTube video and also work on something other simultaneously but can’t do it! Floating for YouTube has come to rescue! Just use this chrome extension to play the YouTube video in a new window and it can be adjusted to any part of the screen and you can do you work while watching it! Cool? 

floating tool for youtube

Final Words -:

So we come to an end of the post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and do comment if any of the trick isn’t working or if we have missed anything , please let us know everything in the comment section! If you liked it, do give a thumbs up and share it with your friends family, everyone!

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Abishiekh Jain is a 16-year-old programmer and blogger born and brought up in Chennai. He is the founder of Hackers Den 🙂
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